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Are you looking for premium quality, accurate and durable digital scales in Australia?


Head to Ned Kelly Australia, your online one-stop shop for digital scales and weighing equipment. Our goal is to bring good quality scales to jewellers, pharmacists, herbalists, coffee makers, hunters, gold prospectors and many more dealers in the Australian market at an affordable price.


At Ned Kelly Australia, our customers always come first. We understand the individual requirements of each customer and present them with a broad range of weighing equipment that suits their needs. We offer the right range of products at the right price delivered to them via prompt shipment and excellent customer service.


Why Choose Ned Kelly Australia?


Ned Kelly Australia has an extensive collection of digital scales and weighing equipments from the most popular and trusted brands, including, Tanita, On Balance, Myco, Tuff Weigh, Jennings, My Weigh, Proscale and J Scales. We have a wide range of weighing equipment, so whatever needs to be weighed, Ned Kelly Australia can supply the right weighing scales to weigh it. Our weighing scales are:


  • Trusted by Industry Experts
  • Highest Levels of Clinical Accuracy
  • FDA Cleared Products
  • Dedicated Service and Support
  • Prompt Shipping of all Products


Since online purchasing has become a standard practice in Australia, Ned Kelly Australia offers customers the most convenient, secure and affordable solution, where they can buy online digital scales in Australia at great prices without stepping outside their home. We deliver weighing scales and equipment in a timely, prompt and professional manner at extremely competitive prices via our online store. Browse through our easy-to-navigate online store and discover an extensive range of branded scales and weighing equipment with detailed information. 




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  • Tanita Scale 200g x 0.01g
    Tanita Scale 200g x 0.01g The Tanita 1579 is a stylish pocket scale that offers increased accuracy with 0.01g increments in weight measurement. It features a clear, five-digit reverse LCD display with blue backlight and includes a stability indicator, automatic calibration function, tare function..
    $226.38 Ex Tax: $226.38
  • Tanita Scale 1475 T 1200g x 1g/2g/5g
    Tanita Scale 1475 T 1200g x 1g/2g/5g The Tanita Scale 1475 T mini scale comes with a protective hard cover that is also used as a weighing tray. Features include a four-digit LCD display, tare function, stability indicator, low battery indicator and a programmable energy-saving auto power-off. Th..
    $205.80 Ex Tax: $205.80
  • Tanita KP-400 M 400g x 1g/2g
     Tanita Scale KP-400 M 400g x 1g/2g The Tanita KP-400 M uses a strain-gauge weighing mechanism and its large, thin platform is ideal for higher capacity weighing. The KP-400M has four units of measurement: gram, ounce, troy ounce and penny weight. Other features include a four-digit LCD disp..
    $277.20 Ex Tax: $277.20
  • Tanita Tangent Scale 120g x 0.1g
    Tanita Tangent Scale 120g x 0.1g The tanita KP-103 is an economical solution to ultra portability and precision weighing for precious metals and fine jewellery. Built-in case snaps closed to protect the feather-touch platform and strain gauge sensor when being carried around. The KP-103 reads in ..
    $52.95 Ex Tax: $52.95
  • On Balance RELOADER Scale 20g x 0.001g
    On Balance RELOADER Scale 20g x 0.001g The On Balance RELOADER Scale is your ideal choice for bullet reloading, with a weighing accuracy of 20g x 0.001g, and comming with 10g Weight, Powder Pan, Tweezers, Anti-vibration Mat,  and a Hard Storage Travel Case. 300gn x 0.1gn 20g x 0.001g St..
    $157.33 Ex Tax: $157.33